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    Better, Safer Care

    Every day, Memorial Medical Center works to improve the health of everyone who enters our doors.
    We want every patient’s care to be the absolute best.

    How we are improving patient outcomes at Memorial

    Memorial has adopted an evidence-based model of care to further improve patient outcomes. Because we are a part of Sutter Health, which treats so many patients throughout Northern California, experts within our network are able to study the effectiveness of our care, and share what works best with doctors across our network. Drawing from our own best practices and scientific proof of the most effective treatments, we're finding better ways of caring for patients. Some areas we’re focusing on include:

    Patient Satisfaction – We are continually focused on improving our patients’ satisfaction with their hospital stay. We’re taking best practices from across the nation and from our own Sutter family and then implementing those processes and practices that will help improve our patients’ hospital experience.

    AMI Alerts – We have implemented processes that improve the care of patients who come to Memorial with heart attacks.

    Surgical Care Improvement Project – We have improved care and reduced surgical acquired infections by adopting nationally established best practices for our patients prior to and immediately following surgery.