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    Patient Pathway

    Memorial Medical Center’s Bariatric Surgery Program comprises of surgical, medical, nutritional and behavioral evaluations, patient and family education and ongoing support.

    Patient pathway outline

    STEP 1 – Starting the path:

    1. Patient calls surgeon's office
    2. Attends free education seminar
    3. Initial consultation appointment
    4. Completes consultation appointments:
      • Attend support group meetings
      • Dietary evaluation and teaching; psychological evaluation; medical clearance as needed (i.e. cardiology pulmonary, endocringology)

    STEP 2 – Scheduling surgery and pre-op:

    1. Insurance authorization
    2. Surgery scheduled
    3. Attend Health Center preoperative class
    4. Pre-op appointment with surgeon

    STEP 3 – Surgery:

    1. Hospital preadmission
    2. Surgery
    3. Hospital care

    STEP 4 – Follow-ups and support groups:

    1. First week post-op visit with surgeon
    2. Post-op Health Center class
    3. One month surgeon visit
    4. Monthly support group
    5. Contact your bariatric surgeon office for follow-ups