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    Read inspiring success stories from Memorial Medical Center bariatric patients below.

    Success Stories:

    Arnie and Kim

    Arnie and Kim

    “Life Is Wide Open Now”

    Arnie and Kim Espinoza of Patterson share a happy marriage and a close bond with their four children. Until a few years ago, the couple shared something else—a struggle with obesity – that took a toll on their daily lives.

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    Marvin Photo

    "Surgery was the best thing I could have done."

    Marvin weighed more than 350 pounds and had developed obesity-related health problems including sleep apnea, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and back pain, when he decided that enough was enough.

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    Susan Photo

    "This was my last and only hope for true success."

    After researching bariatric surgery for months, Susan decided to
    have the procedure for the sake of her physical and emotional health.

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    Nickie Photo

    "My surgery and the results have been a life altering experience."

    Before bariatric surgery, Nickie had tried everything to lose weight. She attended a free informational seminar at Memorial and chose to have
    surgery here because of the hospital’s complete plan of care.

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    Leslie Photo

    "I have my life back."

    Leslie struggled with weight on and off for her entire life. She researched bariatric surgery extensively before having the procedure in 2006 when she weighed 270 pounds.

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    Gina Photo

    "Food isn’t the most important thing in my life anymore."

    After years of trying different diets and losing weight just to gain it back again, Gina decided to have bariatric surgery. As a result, she lost 105 pounds and gained the confidence she was missing.

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