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    The FAQ below will answer many of your questions about volunteering at Memorial Medical Center.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Q: What are the requirements?

      A: Senior volunteers must be at least 23 years or older, complete and submit the Membership Application form, and, if selected, come in for a personal interview, pass a background check, have a Tuberculin Screening test, attend a New Member Orientation session, purchase a uniform and pay yearly dues.
    • Q: How do I get started?

      A: Download and fill out the Volunteer Membership Application and mail it in. If selected, you will be contacted to come in for a personal interview. Volunteering is rewarding and fun, but demands a significant service-based commitment on your part. Please carefully consider your schedule and your ability to commit your time before sending in your application.
    • Q. What is my time commitment?

      A: Volunteers are expected to keep a regular schedule of at least one shift per week. Most shifts are four hours long, and nearly all shifts are during regular business hours. Your shift will be "fixed" (same placement, same time, same day each week). You must commit to a minimum of 50 hours of service each year.
    • Q: May I volunteer for more than one shift per week?

      A: Yes
    • Q: What do volunteers at Memorial Medical Center do?

      A: We have posted a list of the areas where volunteers serve on this website.
    • Q: I only need 20 hours of community service for school. Can I fulfill this requirement at Memorial Medical Center?

      A: Our minimum requirement is 50 hours of service and one year. We do not provide references or write letters of recommendation until the minimum commitment is met.
    • Q: I have been ordered by a court to do community service. Can I fulfill this requirement at Memorial Medical Center?

      A: No. We do not accept volunteers doing court-ordered service.
    • Q: Why do you need my Social Security number?

      A: This information is used for background checks and to verify your identity. This information is not recorded in our database and is not shared with anyone. At MMC, maintaining privacy and confidentiality – for our patients, staff and volunteers – is a priority.
    • Q: Where do I get a TB test or other laboratory tests?

      A: Upon acceptance as a Memorial Volunteer, you will be provided with all necessary lab work required to work in a hospital setting, at no cost to the volunteer. Lab tests are dependent on the area that you will be assigned.
    • Q: What if I test positive for TB?

      A: If you have a positive test, you will either have to bring documentation of a negative chest x-ray done within the last year or have a chest x-ray taken to verify you do not have tuberculosis.
    • Q: What is a New Member Orientation and when must I attend?

      A: All new volunteers are required to complete a new member orientation prior to starting work at Memorial. The orientation lasts a full 8 hours. New member orientations are scheduled after successful completion of a personal interview and background check.
    • Q: What happens after the New Member Orientation?

      A: After orientation, the Chairperson from the department you will be working for will contact you to see when you will be able to be trained. You will also be contacted to purchase your uniform and pay your $5.00 dues.
    • Q: What is involved in purchasing a volunteer uniform?

      A: After the new member orientation and prior to starting work, you will need to purchase a uniform top from the hospital. Uniform tops range in price from $18.00 to $31. In addition you will be required to purchase and wear a plain white shirt with sleeves under your uniform top and a white skirt or white pants and white rubber soled shoes and white socks. Volunteer specific uniforms are to be worn at all times while on duty.
    • Q: Why do I have to pay a membership fee?

      A: A $5 per year membership fee is required of all volunteers. The fee is used towards nursing scholarships and other volunteer contributions, and, is viewed as a commitment on the part of the volunteer applicant.