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    Employment 20/40 Program

    Thanks to Memorial Medical Center’s 20/40 Program, a number of employees have acquired their licenses and are now practicing RNs at the hospital—and the successful financial assistance program promises to produce many more nurses in the future!

    20/40 Financial Assistance Program Helps
    Employees Become Registered Nurses

    The 20/40 Program provides financial assistance to help eligible employees become registered nurses and further their careers with Memorial. To participate in the program, an employee must be enrolled as a full-time student in a local registered nursing program; work full-time at Memorial; complete Memorial’s probationary period; maintain a satisfactory employment record; and provide letters of recommendation.

    While participating in the program, each employee must carry a full course load in nursing school while working part-time in a regularly assigned position with Memorial, and full-time during school vacations. In exchange, participants receive full-time compensation and benefits while enrolled in the nursing program. Following graduation and receipt of a state RN license, each participant is required to work for Memorial as a full-time registered nurse for two years for every two semesters enrolled in the program.

    The program is funded by the Memorial Medical Center Volunteers and Memorial Medical Center Foundation.

    One of Memorial’s goals is to become the local health care employer of choice. We are also doing everything possible to reduce the local nurse shortage. By providing the 20/40 Program for our employees, we are able to enhance their work experience while increasing the number of licensed nurses in our community.