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    The Health Center

    The Health Center of Memorial Medical Center was created to enhance the health and wellness of our community. The Health Center's mission is to improve the quality of life for its clients by partnering with patients' own physicians and providing outpatient education, disease management and telemanagement support.

    Special features

    The Health Center provides a range of educational and disease management programs, most services require a physician's referral.

    • Bariatric Surgery Program:
      Offers comprehensive education and support to patients who are scheduled for weight loss surgery at Memorial Medical Center.
    • Breastfeeding Assistance Program:
      Provides education and support to expectant and breastfeeding mothers.
    • Cardiac Independence Program:
      Provides comprehensive outpatient care and support to patients with heart disease. Designed to help clients maximize physical and physiological well-being through safe and appropriate exercise
    • Diabetes Treatment Program:
      Helps clients manage their diabetes with inpatient education and counseling.
    • Heart Failure Program:
      Empowers clients who have been diagnosed with heart failure to manage their health and improve the quality of their lives through early symptom recognition, activity guidelines and diet planning.
    • Pulmonary Independence Program:
      Provides outpatient care and support to persons with chronic lung disease, enabling them to improve the quality of their lives and achieve the highest possible functional capacity.

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    Experienced and highly skilled health care professionals in a multitude of specialties provide a team approach to patient care at Memorial Medical Center, ensuring the best possible treatment for each patient. The Health Center is staffed with employees who are trained and certified to care for clients in each of its individual specialty services.

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    Community support

    Community donations made through Memorial Hospital Foundation have added amenities to patient areas at Memorial Medical Center, enhancing compassionate care with efficient, state-of-the art equipment and comfortable surroundings. To learn about donating through Memorial Hospital Foundation, call 209-530-3600.

    For more information about Memorial Hospital Foundation, click here.

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    Because outpatient education promotes wellness and disease management, each of the Health Center's programs provides specialized educational opportunities for participants. Additional educational opportunities include:

    • Nutrition consultation with a Registered Dietitian, which is available to participants in all the Health Center programs, either in a classroom setting or as an individual session.
    • Childbirth Education classes, a five-week series of classes that gives expectant parents the tools and knowledge to make the transition from pregnancy to parenthood. Breastfeeding instruction is included.

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    Support groups

    Health Center clients and the public are invited to participate in the following support groups, which foster emotional wellness and enable people to benefit from sharing ideas and feelings with others in similar situations. For information or to attend, contact the Health Center at 209-572-7262. To find out about upcoming classes and support groups, click here.

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    The Health Center is located at Memorial Medical Plaza, 1800 Coffee Road, Suite 30, Modesto, across the street from Memorial Medical Center. Office is open by appointment only.
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