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    Complementary Therapy

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    Have you or your loved one been diagnosed with cancer? Are you wondering where to find support, encouragement and hope? Did you just finish cancer treatment? Are you wondering what’s next?

    Memorial Medical Center's
    Healing Journey

    Memorial Medical Center’s Complementary Therapy Program was created to address the needs of the whole person. Complementary therapies when used along with medical therapies, may help manage cancer symptoms, adverse effects of cancer treatment and improve quality of life. These programs are for cancer survivors and their family members, caregiver or support person.


    Explore therapies that interest you and find facilitators who understand and are there to encourage you. You will also find the camaraderie of others on the same path.


    Studies show that exercise is not only safe for most cancer patients, but can also improve physical fitness and strength, decrease fatigue, improve quality of life and improve body image.


    Those whose lives have been touched by cancer are invited to walk or run with a group of like-minded individuals. The purpose is to raise cancer awareness, promote healthy lifestyles and allow individuals to give special meaning to being active with a group on a regular basis.