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    Memorial Fitness Program

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    Memorial Fitness is a 12-week strength and fitness program for people who have recently completed cancer treatment. Participants build muscle mass and strength, increase flexibility and endurance, and improve their capacity to perform activities of daily living. The Memorial Fitness Program also may help reduce the severity of cancer side effects, prevent unwanted weight changes and improve energy levels and self-esteem.

    A final goal is to help participants develop their own physical fitness regimens — so that they can continue to triumph on their own.

    Schedule: Daytime classes are held twice a week at The Hill Center for Integrative Medicine, 3609 Oakdale Road, Suite 5, Modesto. A certified personal trainer will provide personal instruction for small groups. There is no cost to participants. For information or to register, call 209-569-7789

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    Photo of Shirley Ladd exercising

    “After starting this program I have found a new outlook on my life which gets me out of bed and looking forward to my day. The classes with Starr and my fellow participants have become the highlights of my week.”
    – Shirley Ladd